KG x CID Collaboration

Introducing our first Artist Collaboration. Get to know more about Kristy and her relationship with CID including projects, custom paintings, and now KG x CID.



Naples-based painter Kristy Gammill is known for creating atmospheric paintings that often involve staining large raw canvases with earthy colors, recalling travels to the desert as well as sandy, muted tones reminiscent of the beach nearby her home. She also paints muscular abstracts, botanicals and figurative portraits with the limbs and faces partly hidden or portrayed close up. Imagine mixing the mid-century heft of Helen Frankenthaler with the folded figures of Christina Quarles.
The artist shows at numerous local galleries and works closely with designers to provide art for specific projects. Last year, Gammill was commissioned by CID Design Group to create a large, stained canvas for a renovation project at OneEleven Chicago in the city’s downtown area. More recently her work “Origin Point” was installed in the Artem Apartments in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood. In years past, her work has also been licensed by Burton Snowboards, Hallmark, and One Kings Lane.
Kristy intentionally engages with other painters and travels to museums worldwide to see where contemporary art—particularly by women—is headed, and to find her place in the conversation. As a result, her work is moodier and quieter, as she turns inward to work through some of her own hard history and finds a form of therapeutic catharsis in her studio.

Her large, fearless floral paintings—full of muscular, exuberant brushwork, yet controlled in their range of chroma—veer into both abstraction and representation.


"My connection with Jenn and CID seems like it was destined to be. My first introduction to the company was sometime in 2015 when I lived in Oklahoma. Merideth, one of CID's Designers contacted me about a residential project they were working on. A client had seen my work on pinterest and decided to use some of my pieces for pallet inspiration, and ultimately purchased 3 pictures. It was a very memorableone of the installs of my work.
Fast forward to 2019--I was at an event for my sons elementary school where I met Jenn, her daughter was in my sons class. We started talking about our professions and I showed her some of my work. She was working on a project for a client that she thought some of my wokr it would be perfect. She was in awe that she met me because the client that she was thinking of my work for was the client that Merideth used my work for years previous and they had been trying to contact me for a new project.


"I have loved getting to work with all of the designers at CID, there is a genuine connection with the team. And now Jenn and I have formed a close friendship."



A collaboration of original canvas prints by Kristy Gammill converted into resort themed designs. With Kristy's earthy and abstract prints, we created a collection for travel, retreats, or on the go.


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