CID (Concepts in Design) is a bespoke design firm based out of Naples FL. The concept originated in Cleveland OH by mother/daughter duo Barb + Jenn Zella starting in the early 80’s. After Jenn’s studies she decided to join and both have scaled CID DESIGN GROUP to a national level as a world class design firm.

“We build spaces designed with everyday living in mind. LOCALLY INSPIRED - DESIGN DEFINED BY THE HISTORY OF THE COMMUNITY. We resist anything generic and work hard to create unique, memorable, authentic environments and experiences. Truly developing and enhancing a brand is our focus. We are about creating a vision, about creating a feeling, about creating a connection, and most of all about creating spaces that move you.” - Barb + Jenn Z



From Collective STYLE, to our ART collaborations, our must have finds in our TOOLBOX.

This is just begining of our venture to share great design and the opportunity to

create and envision some of our own peices not found readily in our market.



A focused part of the CID design process is the ART selection and curation by partnering with LOCAL ARTIST, INSTALLATION DESIGNERS, and PHOTOGRAPHERS to help unify spaces. As (CID.COLLECTIVE) develops, this will be an integral part of what is featured and offered in the concept with our ARTIST.COLLECTIVE.


“My love of working on projects nationwide continuously keeps me engaged and involved in the design process. As the visionary for CID, my passion for learning about the locality is key to creating timeless living spaces for a community. ART, LOCAL CRAFTSMANSHIP, and HISTORY is what personally resonates with me for each project” - Jenn Z 


"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose
ourselves at the same time."

- Thomas Merton


We build our story from location, culture, and history. It influences our design. and drives the artistic vision. A locally aware space creates a connection, a strong sense of place, and fosters a place of belonging."

Together we have cultivated a unique culture rooted action, positivity, playfulness, authenticity, curiosity, and teamwork. We are a humble team that is here for each other to lift one another to be our very best selves. We are here to do exceptional, fulfilling work and to have fun along this journey! We believe we are here for a higher purpose to leave this world a happier, healthier, more beautiful place.


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